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Peoples of the world have many legends about wild rose. Wild roses are very old species and can be found in mountains of Iran and the Himalayas. Wild rose became the most famous and common plant since the time when people started to collect and consume it. Ancient people ate, made medicines and dyes of it, beautiful flowers and hips were used as decoration and the spikes served for protection.

Many peoples used wild rose as a favorite domestic and ritual plant: flowers were used as decorations for brides, poets, heroes, rulers, during public events and funeral rites. Women and girls beautified themselves with beads of bright hips. Wild rose was a symbol of morality of ancient Greeks and Romans and it was devoted to the goddess of love and beauty. Wild rose is a symbol of beauty, youth and love of Slavic people. It also symbolizes masculine identity. Health benefits of wild rose have been known since the ancient times. That is why wild rose is widely used in folk medicine.

100 gr of ripe hips contain water- 14-60 g, protein- 1,6-4 g, carbohydrates- 24-60 gr, dietary fibers- 4-10 g, organic acids-2-5 g; potassium-23-58 mg, sodium-5-13 mg, calcium-26-66 mg, magnesium- 8 mg, phosphorus-20 mg, ferrum-28 mg, vitamin A -2,6-6,7 mg, vitamin B1- 0,05-0,15 mg, vitamin B2-0,33-0,84 mg, vitamin PP -0,06-1,50 mg, vitamin C — 470-1200 mg. Wild rose also contains cuprum, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, cobalt, vitamins B6, K, E, essential oils, tannins and coloring materials. Wild rose contains vitamin C 5-10 times more than blackberry and 40 times more than lemons.

Tea with wild rose is a powerful polyvitaminic source, it improves body defenses, boosts metabolism and it has choleretic and diuretic actions. It has positive effects on kidneys, the stomach, the liver and the digestive tract. Tea with wild rose inhibits microbial growth, stops inflammatory processes, removes salts, toxins from the body, stabilizes blood circulation, decreases blood pressure, improves the process of red corpuscles formation, strengthens blood vessel walls, stops bleeding, improves memory, sleeping, appetite, improves sexual vigor, slows down ageing, decreases cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis and enhances mood.


Wild rose –contraindications

Wild rose contains much amount of ascorbic acid and it means that wild rose is contraindicated if a person has gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and metabolic diseases like calculi formation. Wild rose improves blood coagulability and that is why it is contraindicated if a person has thrombophlebitis, endocarditis and heart failure.


Usage of wild rose during pregnancy

Not every medical plant can be taken during pregnancy- many of them have contraindications but wild rose have none. Wild rose herbal tea is the best choice for the pregnant to prevent and treat cold-related diseases. Wild rose reinforces immune system, improves kidneys function and has a slight diuretic action.


Losing weight with wild rose

Wild rose is abundant with vitamins but it also aids weight loss. Wild rose herbal tea contains a large amount of nutrients that nourish the body and boost metabolism.

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