Vyatsky-Ivan Tea with Thyme

Since the ancient times thyme is venerated as sacred herb that recovers health and even restores to life. This herb is always popular among many peoples. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Slavic tribes worshiped thyme for its useful properties and considered it as a powerful natural remedy. During the pagan times our Slavic ancestors put thyme into fire and burned incense to gods. Even at present time, on the Dormition of the Mother of God the icons are decorated with thyme flowers. That is why thyme is also known as mother-of-thyme. It is believed that thyme flowers protect houses from evil spirits. Even nowadays, people fumigate their village houses. Thyme properties were described by Theophrastos Eresios and Avicenna. Health properties of thyme are often used by traditional practitioners and modern medicine.


Thyme ingredients

Thyme (also known as mother-of-thyme) contains thymol, amarines, organic acids, tannins, vitamins B, C, carotene, flavonoids, resins and gum rosin, macro and microelements – calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, selenium, cuprum, manganese, ferrum. Thyme has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, weak sedative, vermicidal, analgestic and antispasmodic actions. Moreover, it has brohcodilatory and expectorative actions, thus it is used for quinsy and bronchitis treatment.

Thyme effectively treats for fibrositis, injuries, non-infectious rash. Thyme essential oil helps in treating for asthenia, intestinal atony, greensickness, chin cough, mycosis, tuberculosis and bronchial allergy. Thyme decoction fights fatigue and energizes, moreover, thyme is an ingredient of herbal preparations that fight chronic fatigue. Thyme has an incredible effect on the man’s health, as its application stops the prostatitis development, treats erectile dysfunction and stops premature ejaculation.


Application of thyme

It is recommended to drink thyme decoction to treat flue, A.R.V.I., cold-related deceases and rhinitis, as thyme has sweating, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions. Thyme is a good flue preventive during seasonal flue epidemics. Thyme is a natural stimulant that tones the body. Thanks to its health benefits, thyme is a good sedative during stresses and neurasthenia and for treatment depressions, insomnia and sick headache.

Regular application stops putrid fermentation of the intestinal tract and prevents gassiness and abdominal distention and favors better digesting of fat food. In folk-medicine, the thyme decoction is used for alcoholism treatment and reduces the symptoms of edema. Thyme sap successfully replaces antibiotics when treating tonsillitis, stomatitis and gingivitis.



Despite of so many health benefits, thyme has some contraindications. It is contraindicated if a person has pyelonephritis, hepatitis, thyroid diseases, ciliary arrhythmia and peptic ulcer. It is also contraindicated to the pregnant as it may cause tonicity of womb unstriated muscles. Thyme tea is very indicated for nursing mothers as it boosts milk production and improves the milk-ejecting activity.

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