Summer Ivan-Tea

Vyatsky Summer Ivan-Tea (fermented)

The production of Summer tea begins since 10 July to the beginning of August. The process is almost hand-made and takes place in the clearest places of Kirov region. One of the most important step of tea production is the cutting. This step allows us to extract healthful ingredients from leaves and give them to people. We pay special attention to the most important step – the fermentation. Such qualities of tea like the taste, the aroma and the usefulness depend on this natural fermentation.

Drying of the tea outside, in the wind and under the sunlight make it special. The tea fills with energies of the Wind, the Sun, the Nature and preserves its health benefits. The tea is still “alive” and full of the sunlight energy! Vyatsky Summer Ivan-Tea represents the Beauty and the Tranquility of a summer day on the vast expanse of Russia. The tea helps every man to achieve serenity of mind and healthy body thanks to its unique energy and biological properties.

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