Spring Ivan-Tea

Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea (fermented, black)

Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea (fermented, black). The production of the tea begins at the end of May and to the middle of June. Fresh shoots of fireweed are used. Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea contains increased amount (in comparison with summer tea) of vitamin C, cuprum, sodium, nickel and other important microelements.

Microelements in the tea improve its health properties, especially energetic. This happens because of a special way of fermentation and increased amount of cuprum that generates energy in the cells, and sodium that provides the cells with glucose, which supplies the cells with energy. Thus, spring tea improves the man’s performance capability, fends off fatigue and removes depression.

Cuprum and nickel in the tea improve the activity of insulin and carbohydrates recycling processes. That is very important to diabetics and people who are inclined to corpulence. Spring fireweed has more antioxidants, better blood-forming, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions than summer fireweed.

Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea has a different taste and aroma than Vyatsky Summer Ivan-Tea. As the spring tea has more vitamin C than the summer tea and it is fermented in a different way, it has a slightly sour taste.


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