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Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with Rowan (with rowan berries)

Rowan was a sacred tree in many countries, including the Ancient Rus. This tree is really legendary. Many peoples of the world have folk tales, poems, myths, songs and sayings devoted to rowan. The tree was epitheted with the following adjectives: tender, delicate, blushful, sad but very flexible and strong. That is how our ancestors described the tree; after all they were closer to the nature than we are.

Rowan is known to be the symbol of fertility and prosperity. People believed that rowan brought good luck into homes and protected from the evil. It was praised for being hardy, bright but some kind of shy beautifulness. That is why people grew it near the homes. Our ancestors knew about great health properties of rowan, and the properties are recognized by modern science. Rowan berries are a great multivitamin source.

The berries add a soft rowan aroma to the tea. The berries consist of proteins, carbohydrates, food fibers, organic acids, vitamins PP, B1, B2, K, E. Rowan berries have more A vitamin than carrots and the berries have more C vitamin than lemons. The berries contain much of potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, ferrum, iodine, calcium, manganese and other micro and macroelements. Moreover, the berries contain glucose and fructose, tannins, pectins, essential oils and other compounds.


The berries amplify health properties of the tea. The tea normalizes metabolic processes; it is a great source of polyvitamins that aids in undernutrition, deficiency of blood; it fortifies blood vessels and stimulates hematogenesis; it detoxifies the body and has an anti-inflammatory action (heals wounds and uclers); it has antipyretic and sweating actions.


The tea with rowan aids in Hypertension ( lowers the blood pressure), atherosclerosis, asthenia, hemorrhage ( improves blood coagulability), hemorrhoid, glaucoma, anemia, gastritis with poor gastric acidity, rheumatism, calculus, podagra, salt exchange problems, throat and thyroid diseases, chin cough, pulmonary tuberculosis; Kidney and liver diseases, abdominal dropsy and diarrhea.


Caution! Rowan improves the blood clotting ability. This ability of rowan is useful in case of bleeding sickness but harmful in case of proclivity to thrombosis. Rowan is contradicted to the pregnant.

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