Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with lavender

The lavender is a symbol of love, beauty and elegance. The lavender fragrance resembles a kind-hearted fairytale, a warm summer, good reminiscences and pacification. Lavender has many useful properties – it is aromatic, decorative and has healing effects.

In the ancient times, lavender had great religious, cultural and trade meanings. The Ancient Egyptians cultivated lavender in the sacred garden at Thebes. As incense, lavender was important trade goods in international trade; lavender was with noble people throughout life and after their death as lavender was an ingredient of embalmment.

Hippocrates praised lavender for its healing properties. In ancient Rome, lavender was put into baths for freshness and aroma. The Romans applicated lavender to cure brain diseases, dizziness, dropsy and to heal wounds. Nowadays, lavender is used in cosmetology, medicine, cooking and in household use. Aromatic tea with lavender is healthy and has a delectable flavor. It aids in insomnia and headache.

Lavender contains about 1,2% of essential oil ( flower heads- up to 5%). The oil consists of tannins, linalool and its esters with acids, coumarins, flavonoids,   oxylisine compounds-ursolic acid and tannins.   Lavender has an intense effect on the nervous system.

Not by coincidence, lavender is known as the aroma of relaxation. Lavender tea aids in hysterical reactions, tearfulness, insomnia and overexcitement. This aroma harmonizes the psychoemotional state; it protects the mind from stresses and negative emotions. Regular drinking of tea with lavender improves the mental activity. Lavender aids in quick refection.


The herb also has some other health benefits:

A natural anti-infective agent, strengthens the blood vessels, dilates blood vessels, aids in migraine and dizziness, normalizes the heart rhythm, the menstruation cycle, the liver and the gall bladder   performance, detoxes the body, helps to control the weight, prevents the development of oncological diseases, reinforces the immune system, aids in treatment of inflammatory processes, heart diseases, arrhythmia, rheumatism. Lavender has diuretic and biligenic actions, it eases the toothache, detoxes the liver and the lien and removes excessive liquid in case of dropsy.



it is not recommended to consume lavender within the first 4 months of pregnancy and not to use it with chemotherapy when treating cancer.

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