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Vyatsky-Ivan Tea with fir needles

The silver fir is an evergreen tree with healing qualities that are known since the ancient times. This legendary tree was a sacred herb of our wise ancestors. Just by standing near the tree people receive positive energy, heal their souls, clarify thoughts and obtain inspiration.

It is not for nothing that fir oil and fir sauna switches are always the indispensable attribute of the Russian sauna ritual that is an old tradition of the body and the soul purification. And the warm herbal tea is a part of this tradition. Vyatsky-Ivan Tea with fir needles is for people who realize what the Russian sauna is and who take care of their health. Even if you don’t have possibilities to use the sauna, you may drink our tea with fir needles after taking a shower or a bath and enjoy relaxing feelings. At night you will have healthy sleeping and you awake full of energy!

The silver fir that belongs to the Pinaceae family is reach in essential oils. Phytoncids, resins and tannins- the ingredients of the fir, have positive effects on the human body. Essential oils contain much amount of acids – ascorbic and abietic. Fir-needles are a source of B-Carotene. B-Carotene transforms into vitamin A that protects the body from infections and improves the vision.

Such ingredients as triterpinoids, flavonoids, glycosides, apigenin and useful microelements as manganese, zinc, plumbum and cuprum make fir needles a very valuable naturally occurring drug. Fir needles have an antiscorbuting effect. Phytoncids in the needles have bactericidal actions. These phytoncids kill viruses, increase healing processes, regulate the secretion of the digestive tract, stimulate the cardiac function and purify air. The aroma of fir needles eases asthmatic bronchial spasms and relieves headaches.

Young fir needles in Vyatsky Ivan-tea have many health benefits: fortify the immune system; provides the body with phytoncids and vitamins; fortifies the nervous and the cardiovascular system; boosts the metabolism; mitigates fatigue and settles nerves; boosts mood; analogizes and produces an anti-inflammatory effect; removes inflammation of respiratory tracts; aids in cold-related diseases; has a diuretic action. Unique health properties of fir needles are admitted by modern medicine.


Indications. Essential oils of fir accumulate in the body. It takes about 48 hours to remove the oils from the body. Excessive amount of essential oil may cause the rise of pulse and the rapid heart beat. That is why it is important to observe the recommended servings. We recommend to drink our tea 2 -3 times a week with 2-3 day pause, including the washing day. Observing our recommendations will keep you healthy and prevent the surfeit.


Contraindications: pregnancy, gastric ulcer, acute inflammation of the kidneys, rapid heartbeat, idiocrasy.

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