Vytsky Ivan-Tea with cranberry

The cranberry is a valuable nutritive and medical food. Every year, just in the European part of Russia, hundred tons of cranberries are gathered- no other country can boast with such a fruitage. People of the South don’t know about cranberry as it doesn’t grow in the hot climate. It is a swamp and peat-bog growing plant. The berry maturates when the fruit and berry season comes to the end. And that is the peculiarity of it.

Cranberry is well-known in Russia and healers of the Ancient Rus used cranberry as a cure for many diseases. Cranberry was the fast-selling product at winter and autumn fairs in Russia. Russian merchants started to deliver and sell cranberry in Western Europe as cranberry gathering wasn’t that popular in Europe.

The Vikings brought cranberry to Europe in the 12-13 centuries. They took the berries with them as it was a delicious dessert and a cure for scurvy. That is how cranberry became famous. Health benefits of cranberry are really incredible. One might as well say that cranberry nourishes, protects and fortifies the body. Modern medicine admits the health benefits of cranberry. But that is not all cranberries are famous for. Cranberry jelly-like soft drinks, fruit drinks and jam. Cranberry with tea is a specific drink with a bit of sourness that allays thirst and fortifies the immune system.

Cranberry contains from 2 to 5% of organic acids, half of these acids is citric acid, 3-4%- sugars (mainly glucose and fructose), more than 1% of pectic materials (0,98% of them are in the most active, liquid form), glycoside, vaceinine and vitamin C ( per 100 g –12-35 mg). Cranberry contains much amount of macro and microelements, especially ferrum and manganese. Moreover, as all Vacciniaceae, it contains large amount of manganese. Also, it has a lot of ursolic, malic, citric, and benzoic organic acids. Cranberry is known as a curative berry.

Cranberry aids in case of inflammatory diseases with a fever, such as cold-related diseases. Also, it cures for scurvy and aids in the hypertension syndrome; it boosts the effectiveness of antibiotics and sulfanilamides; it is a good febrifuge; aids in avitaminosis, rheumatism, genitourinary infections, stomach diseases and as a diabetic preventive agent. Tea with cranberry aids in overfatigue; it improves the appetite and digestion. It increases the productivity of gastric juice and pancreatin. Doctors advise the patients to consume cranberry during pregnancy as the pregnant require vitamins! People consider cranberry as an antineoplastic drug. The berry has haemostatic anti-inflammatory and other actions.


Contraindications: fulgurant inflammatory processes in the stomach and the intestinal tract.

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