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Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with cherry (with cherry leaves)

The cherry tree is well-known to everyone and it grows almost everywhere: in gardens, and even along the roads as it is undemanding and hardy. People have been cultivating cherry trees since the ancient times. The tree originates from the Caucasian and the Crimean Black Sea coast. It was brought from there to Rome and spread across all Europe.

People found out cherry’s health properties even at those ancient times. All the parts of the tree were used: berries, leaves, juice, flowers, the bark and young twigs, fruit stalks, roots, pits and even cherry ooze. Syphinius- a famous healer the 3rd century AD described the cherry tree as the most precious remedy that heals and fortifies the body.

Nowadays, cherry is used by healers and modern medicine. We add fine-cut cherry leaves that make the drink taste delicately and amplify health properties of our tea. Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with cherry is the richest in vitamin C (it has 5-8 times more than lemons); cherry leaves also contain much of this vitamin, so this is a great remedy to restore your health and to stay healthy as vitamin C is very crucial to many processes of the body.


Health properties

Cherry leaves are rich in vitamin C (about 240 mcg %), coumarines; they contain amygdalin, citric acid, tannins and other compounds. The thrombus formation in blood vessels is stopped as the leaves contain coumarines and oxycoumarines (which normalize blood coagulability). That is why the leaves are used in a combination therapy to treat the atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis and phlebemphraxis, after heart and brain attacks.

Cherry leaves have antiseptic actions and improve metabolic processes in the body. Quercetin in the leaves has antioxidant actions and assists in removal of free radical from the body. Tannins have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions. Amigdalin is a biologically active substance that can be found in cherry leaves and berries. The substance normalizes the heart function and lowers the intensity and the frequency of heart attacks.


Contraindications: pregnancy, hyperacidity.

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