chaga mushroom

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)

The chaga is a perennial mushroom of Polyporaceae that grows on birch stems. The mushroom grows on birch and absorbs nutrient substances from birch juice. The health properties of chaga have been known since the old times. Formulas with chaga are given in the works of great Avicenna. The Ancient Romans used the mushroom and bought it from the northern peoples. Witch doctors in the Ancient Rus also used the chaga. It is known that Vladimir Monomakh, who had a labial tumor, healed with chaga potions.

People have been using the chaga since the ancient times as it ids in stomach, lungs and intestine diseases, arthronosos and cutaneous eruptions. Regular application of chaga potions reduced tumors. The potions had a tonic effect and activated body defences. The chaga mushroom contains water dissolving pigments: sterols, polysaccharides, agaricininc chaga acids, organic acids, lipids, dietary fiber, microelements (cuprum, barium, zinc, ferrum, silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese), tannins.


Chaga health properties.

The mushroom activates body defences andtones up; stimulates the central nervous and the neurohumoral systems (boosts the activity of estrogens), destresses, aids in insomnia; improves the metabolism (incl. the metabolic processes of brain tissue); restores the activity of enzyme systems; regulates the performance of cardiovascular and breathing systems; stimulates hematogenesis (increases the number of white blood corpuscles); reduces the level of cholesterol in blood; has an anti-inflammatory actions; removes inflammations in the mouth cavity; aids in periodontitis, stomatitis, parodontosis; removes toxins and radioactive nuclides from the body; normalizes the work of the endocrine system, thus improves the regeneration processes and rejuvenates the body.

The mushroom amplifies the activity of antitumor medicines, slows down the tumor growth, restores the body resistance to tumors; reduces the blood sugar level; has antispastic, choleretic, diuretic, antimicrobial and healing actions; it normalizes the activity of the digestive tract, the liver, the spleen; aids in healing of the peptic ulcer; aids in gastritis. The chaga infusion lowers the blood pressure and the pulse rate.

It is recommended to keep to a milk-vegetarian diet and exclude sausages, smoked meat products, canned goods, spicy condiments; minimalize consuming of animal fats, meat products; do not smoke and drink alcohol. Any medicines with penicillin or antibiotics with it nullify the effectiveness of the chaga. The same effect is occurred in case of intravenous administration of glucose.


Contraindications: chronic colitis and chronic dysentery, pregnancy, breast feeding, intolerability of the mushroom ingredients.

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