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Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with wild rose

Peoples of the world have many legends about wild rose. Wild roses are very old species and can be found in mountains of Iran and the Himalayas. Wild rose became the most famous and common plant since the time when people started to collect and consume it. Ancient people ate, made medicines and dyes of […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with black currant

The Russian name for black currant is Smorodina that is derived from the old Russian word Smorod’-to aromatize. Black currant is known in Russia since the old times. This fact is mentioned in historical records of the 10th century and that proves the popularity of black currant in the Ancient Rus. Black currant grows better […]

Vyatsky-Ivan Tea with Thyme

Since the ancient times thyme is venerated as sacred herb that recovers health and even restores to life. This herb is always popular among many peoples. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Slavic tribes worshiped thyme for its useful properties and considered it as a powerful natural remedy. During the pagan times our Slavic ancestors put thyme […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with Mint

The mint was mentioned for the first time in Assyrian and ancient Egyptian cultures. It was highly praised in the Roman Empire and ancient Greece. It is believed that mint aroma revives spirits and improves brainwork. In the ancient Rus was popular a so called “kholodets”- mint extract with cooling effects. The extract was used […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with melissa

Melissa is valued for incredibly tender and pleasant fragrance. Everybody knows that it is very healthful, but only some people know its benefits. A very rich lemon aroma is the peculiarity of melissa and that is why it is also known as lemon balm. Another name of melissa in bee balm as its aroma works […]

Vyatka Ivan-Tea with raspberry

The seeds of raspberry were found at excavations of settlements dated to the Stone and the Bronze Ages. The raspberry was well-known to the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. The first record of raspberry as a cultivated plant us dated to the 3rd century BC. In the Ancient Rus, people cooked stewed fruit and berries […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with lavender

The lavender is a symbol of love, beauty and elegance. The lavender fragrance resembles a kind-hearted fairytale, a warm summer, good reminiscences and pacification. Lavender has many useful properties – it is aromatic, decorative and has healing effects. In the ancient times, lavender had great religious, cultural and trade meanings. The Ancient Egyptians cultivated lavender […]

Vytsky Ivan-Tea with cranberry

The cranberry is a valuable nutritive and medical food. Every year, just in the European part of Russia, hundred tons of cranberries are gathered- no other country can boast with such a fruitage. People of the South don’t know about cranberry as it doesn’t grow in the hot climate. It is a swamp and peat-bog […]

Vytsky Ivan-Tea with red bilberry

That is the description of red bilberry by Russian people: “Its leaves are with glaze and berries are erubescent, the bushes are a bit higher than a hump”. There are many legends about this miraculous berry plant. Reb bilberry is very popular in Russia and people have been preserving it for winter since olden times. […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with hawthorn

There are many legends of the origin of hawthorn and since the olden times it is popular for healing effects and fairness. There different names of hawthorn like haw and whitethorn. For its spikes it is also known as cock-spur hawthorn. Hawthorn had a special significance in the ancient times. In Greek myths, hawthorn was […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea in pouches

Our tea in a gift package. Hand-made pouches various design: a pouch with a paper tea bag; a pouch sealed with wax; a pouch sealed with wax with a magnet (can be hung on a fridge). Vyatsky Ivan-Tea in a company’s cups. Vyatsky Ivan-Tea in a company’s cups (in assortiment) — is a double gift: […]

Vyatsky-Ivan Tea with fir needles

The silver fir is an evergreen tree with healing qualities that are known since the ancient times. This legendary tree was a sacred herb of our wise ancestors. Just by standing near the tree people receive positive energy, heal their souls, clarify thoughts and obtain inspiration. It is not for nothing that fir oil and […]

Vyatsky Midsummer Ivan-Tea

The midsummer tea consists of juvenile leaves and blossom clusters of fireweed. We collect the ingredients at the period of the solar maximum. This activity peak falls on the Midsummer Day. Since ages ago, St. John’s night has been celebrated in Russia the day prior to the Midsummer day. Bonfires and torch-lit parades make the […]

Vyatsky Summer Ivan-Tea (fermented)

The production of Summer tea begins since 10 July to the beginning of August. The process is almost hand-made and takes place in the clearest places of Kirov region. One of the most important step of tea production is the cutting. This step allows us to extract healthful ingredients from leaves and give them to […]

Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea (fermented, black)

Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea (fermented, black). The production of the tea begins at the end of May and to the middle of June. Fresh shoots of fireweed are used. Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea contains increased amount (in comparison with summer tea) of vitamin C, cuprum, sodium, nickel and other important microelements. Microelements in the tea improve its […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea in a gift package (fermented)

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea in a gift package (fermented). Since that year and by popular request of our customers, we bring our tea in gift packages to the market. We begin with tea in birch bark baskets. Now you can present Vyatsky Ivan-Tea in a nice package to your relatives and friends. Vyatsky Ivan-Tea and the Dymkovo […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with bird cherry leaves

Bird cherry leaves contain: Much of ascorbic acid, phytoncids with an active antimicrobial action, bioflavonoids, mineral elements, including rare (molybdenum, strontium, titan), essential oils, etc. Bird cherry leaves amplify the digestive tract diseases preventive actions of fireweed; Amplify protective and restorative actions on a mouth cavity and tooth decay preventive actions. Moreover, the leaves have […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with Rowan (with rowan berries)

Rowan was a sacred tree in many countries, including the Ancient Rus. This tree is really legendary. Many peoples of the world have folk tales, poems, myths, songs and sayings devoted to rowan. The tree was epitheted with the following adjectives: tender, delicate, blushful, sad but very flexible and strong. That is how our ancestors […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)

The chaga is a perennial mushroom of Polyporaceae that grows on birch stems. The mushroom grows on birch and absorbs nutrient substances from birch juice. The health properties of chaga have been known since the old times. Formulas with chaga are given in the works of great Avicenna. The Ancient Romans used the mushroom and […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with flowers

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with flowers amplifies the anti-tumor effects of fireweed. A new medicine- Khanerol has been extracted from fireweed flower heads, which contain flavonoids, tannins, phytohemagglutinins, microelements (zinc, cuprum, manganese). This is a high efficiency anti-tumor medicine. Hyperoside in flavonoids positively effects on the heart performance. Also, the flowers amplify the spiced-honey taste and aroma […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with chokeberry

Chokeberries (aronia berries) make the tea taste slightly sour-sweet and astringent. Aronia berries are rich in vitamins (А, P, C, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B-Carotene), macro and microelements (borium, iodine, ferrum, manganese, cuprum, molybdenum, fluorine, magnesium). The berries contain sugars (glucose, saccharose, fructose), folic, nicotinic, malic and other acids, riboflavin, phyloquinone, tocopherol, cyanine, pyridoxine, […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with cherry (with cherry leaves)

The cherry tree is well-known to everyone and it grows almost everywhere: in gardens, and even along the roads as it is undemanding and hardy. People have been cultivating cherry trees since the ancient times. The tree originates from the Caucasian and the Crimean Black Sea coast. It was brought from there to Rome and […]

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