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Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with black currant

The Russian name for black currant is Smorodina that is derived from the old Russian word Smorod’-to aromatize. Black currant is known in Russia since the old times. This fact is mentioned in historical records of the 10th century and that proves the popularity of black currant in the Ancient Rus. Black currant grows better in a temperate and even cold climate. A hot, subtropical climate isn’t good for the plant. Berries are the most valuable part of a plant. The taste of black currant berries is sour-sweet, aromatic and familiar. Moreover, black currant berries have numerous health benefits. We took black currant as an ingredient of Vyatsky Ivan-Tea due to its health benefits and aroma.

Numerous ingredients make black currant healthful. Per 100 g of berries contain water — 82 g, proteins — 1,4 g, fats – 0,4 g, carbohydrates – 13 g, dietary fibers – 2 g. Berries are rich in A, B1, B2, В5, В6, Е, Р, К vitamins and contain large amount of ascorbic acid ( up to 400 mg per 100 g) and vitamin P ( up to 1100-1200 mg per 100 g). Black currant berries contain carotene, sugars, glycosides, essential oil, organic acids (tartaric, citric, salicylic, phosphorous, aceric, succinic acids), pectin, tannins, potassium up to 322 mg, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, iodine, ferrum, zinc, cobalt, cuprum, manganese, glycosides, anthocyanin pigments, essential and fatty oils. A handful of these berries contains a daily vitamin C requirement and helps you to recover from any cold. Black currant is a source of pantothenic acid (vitamin B) it helps to develop and maintain the immune system, improves the condition of skin and hair.

Since the ancient times, black currant is known as scurvy preventive and a booster of the immune system as it is very crucial after surgeries, moreover it improves memory and mental capacity, prevents the development of Alzheimer disease; it has anti-inflammatory, appetizing, urinative and sudoriferous actions; it helps to fight off respiratory diseases: quinsy, flue, A.R.V.I, bronchitis, pneumonia; it decreases arterial tension, has restorative and vasodilatory, haematogenic, blood purifying actions. It helps to remove radioisotopes from the body, to treat peptic ulcer, various gastrointestinal problems, anacid gastritis, circulation diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, adenopathia and to prevent the development of oncological diseases.


Black currant-contraindications

Black currant is contraindicated if a person has thrombophlebitis as a berry contains large amount of vitamin K.

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