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Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with black currant

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The Russian name for black currant is Smorodina that is derived from the old Russian word Smorod’-to aromatize. Black currant is known in Russia since the old times. This fact is mentioned in historical records of the 10th century and that proves the popularity of black currant in the Ancient Rus. Black currant grows better […]

Vytsky Ivan-Tea with cranberry

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The cranberry is a valuable nutritive and medical food. Every year, just in the European part of Russia, hundred tons of cranberries are gathered- no other country can boast with such a fruitage. People of the South don’t know about cranberry as it doesn’t grow in the hot climate. It is a swamp and peat-bog […]

Vytsky Ivan-Tea with red bilberry

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That is the description of red bilberry by Russian people: “Its leaves are with glaze and berries are erubescent, the bushes are a bit higher than a hump”. There are many legends about this miraculous berry plant. Reb bilberry is very popular in Russia and people have been preserving it for winter since olden times. […]

Vyatsky-Ivan Tea with fir needles

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The silver fir is an evergreen tree with healing qualities that are known since the ancient times. This legendary tree was a sacred herb of our wise ancestors. Just by standing near the tree people receive positive energy, heal their souls, clarify thoughts and obtain inspiration. It is not for nothing that fir oil and […]

How do we make Vyatsky-Ivan-Tea?

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We use the same technology as the others do. We pluck tea, sun and mince it or we don’t mince it (if we make loose tea) ferment and dry. After that we season it. It is that simple. If we give a wide description of our production operation, than we share our technology secrets with […]

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