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How do we make Vyatsky-Ivan-Tea?

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We use the same technology as the others do. We pluck tea, sun and mince it or we don’t mince it (if we make loose tea) ferment and dry. After that we season it. It is that simple. If we give a wide description of our production operation, than we share our technology secrets with […]

Vyatsky Midsummer Ivan-Tea

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The midsummer tea consists of juvenile leaves and blossom clusters of fireweed. We collect the ingredients at the period of the solar maximum. This activity peak falls on the Midsummer Day. Since ages ago, St. John’s night has been celebrated in Russia the day prior to the Midsummer day. Bonfires and torch-lit parades make the […]

Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea (fermented, black)

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Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea (fermented, black). The production of the tea begins at the end of May and to the middle of June. Fresh shoots of fireweed are used. Vyatsky Spring Ivan-Tea contains increased amount (in comparison with summer tea) of vitamin C, cuprum, sodium, nickel and other important microelements. Microelements in the tea improve its […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with bird cherry leaves

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Bird cherry leaves contain: Much of ascorbic acid, phytoncids with an active antimicrobial action, bioflavonoids, mineral elements, including rare (molybdenum, strontium, titan), essential oils, etc. Bird cherry leaves amplify the digestive tract diseases preventive actions of fireweed; Amplify protective and restorative actions on a mouth cavity and tooth decay preventive actions. Moreover, the leaves have […]

Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with flowers

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Vyatsky Ivan-Tea with flowers amplifies the anti-tumor effects of fireweed. A new medicine- Khanerol has been extracted from fireweed flower heads, which contain flavonoids, tannins, phytohemagglutinins, microelements (zinc, cuprum, manganese). This is a high efficiency anti-tumor medicine. Hyperoside in flavonoids positively effects on the heart performance. Also, the flowers amplify the spiced-honey taste and aroma […]

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